Sustainable Development


Through recent years joint development with the enzyme engineering research center, five products have been identified as high-tech products in Henan Province, 2 projects have been included in the national key products plan, 4 projects have passed the provincial technology achievements identification, 1 second class national prize for progress in science and technology, 2 third class provincial prize for progress in technology, 2 first class and 1 third class city prize for progress in technology, have applied 3 national development patents, was authorized 1 patent.

We have close cooperation with multi units of production, teaching and research, include Jiangnan University, Henan University of Science and Technology, Henan Agricultural University, Fuzhou University and other domestic research institutes.

We also established the "Henan Province Enzyme Research and Application Academician Workstation".



Environment Proection

The core value and belief our of company is sustainable development and environment protection.

Our plant have adopted both aerobic and anaerobic deep processing technology and UASB reactor and CASS pond processing technology.

The waste water plant covers and area of 2000㎡, can store water volume 9000m³, treat high concentration waste water 600 ton per day, the discharged waste water meets the first class national emission standard, thus can solve the pollution problems thoroughly.

Yangshao Bio-Products company will continue to pursue the aim of innovation and efficient for the realization of a stronger biotechnology company, and continue to work hard to pursuit of common interests to achieve a win-win situation for the benefits of our society.