Talk about the special role of microbial fertilizer
Author: yangshaoTime: May 06, 2020
1. Improve the utilization of chemical fertilizers and increase crop yields
     A well-known thing is that with the continuous use of chemical fertilizers in successive years, the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers will continue to decrease. What does this mean? Products that rely solely on the use of large amounts of chemical fertilizers to improve crops are limited, and there are a series of problems such as environmental pollution and the use of large amounts of chemical fertilizers.
     Microbial fertilizers, according to China's crop types and soil conditions, combined with chemical fertilizers, can not only ensure increased production, but also reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, reduce costs, while also improving soil and crop quality and reducing pollution.
2. In the process of green food production, it can reduce the pollution of agricultural products and improve the quality of agricultural products.
     Application of microbial fertilizer can significantly increase the sugar content and vitamin c content of vegetables, while reducing the nitrate content of vegetables.
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3. In environmental protection, the effective use of municipal solid waste and agricultural and animal husbandry waste
     Microorganisms have a specific decomposition function, the factory can use a large amount of municipal solid waste as raw materials, after processing, directly processed into microbial organic compound fertilizer; can also produce special microbial fertilizer (seed agent) and supply it to the compost plant (farm) Various agricultural and animal husbandry materials are piled up to speed up the fermentation process and shorten the cycle of composting, while also improving the quality and maturity of composting.
4. Soil improvement
     Beneficial microorganisms in microbial fertilizers can produce carbohydrates, accounting for 0.1% of soil organic matter
     Long-term application of microbial fertilizer can restore the formation of soil aggregate structure, play a role in loosening soil, eliminating soil compaction, and improving soil structure.

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