Complex bacteria for water purification (enhanced version)
Author: yangshaoTime: May 09, 2020
Complex bacteria for water purification (enhanced version)


Scope of application: Aquaculture.
Composition: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus lateralis etc. The carrier is talc.
Product Features:
Appearance: light yellow powder
Number of bacteria ≥ 20 billion CFU / g
Smell: slightly fermented


The strain function is clear, the variety quality is stable, and the application effect is remarkable;
The main form of spores is good stability, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance;
Fast reproduction ability and rapid resurrection, forming a dominant population with high bacterial content in a short time;
This product is safe and efficient, without drug resistance, and does not pollute the environment;


⑴ Water purification function Quickly decompose residual bait, feces, dead algae, etc. in the water body, maintain water quality, effectively prevent flooding ponds, fish and shrimp diseases, and reduce water exchange.
-Inhibition of cyanobacteria: Through the metabolic enzyme preparation and secretion of antibacterial substances, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fixation are cut off to cut off the nutrient sources needed for the growth of cyanobacteria, so as to achieve the purpose of cyanobacteria inhibition;
-Regulate water color: decompose the bottom bait, feces, animal and plant corpses and convert them into nutrients required for algae growth, balance the algae phase, and eliminate the bad water color such as yellow water and old green water;
-Denitrification and detoxification: degrade free nitrogen such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in water, inhibit the production of harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide and methane, and reduce the toxicity to farmed animals;
⑵ The effect of fertilizer and water Decompose the small molecules and minerals formed by the organic matter in the water body, which can be absorbed and used by algae and other water plants.

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