How to choose and use microbial products in fishery?
Author: yangshaoTime: May 11, 2020

How to choose and use microbial products in fishery?

1. Choose products from companies with greater strength, excellent brand and reliable quality.
2. When choosing microbial preparations, you must walk out of the so-called "the darker the color, the heavier the taste, the better the effect". Especially for photosynthetic bacteria, many unscrupulous merchants even add thickeners and pigments during production to increase the color and viscosity. When choosing, pay attention to the fresh color and normal viscosity. In addition, you should also consider the quality of your own pond, such as fresh water. , High ponds, new and old ponds, heavy metal ions, NH3, H2S and other factors. At the same time, pay attention to the different effects of different use time, such as the difference between the time period before the seedling and the rearing period, and the difference between the use time.
3. It takes a certain amount of time and process for the microorganisms to play a role in the water body, so you cannot blindly pursue the immediate effect. Generally, it takes more than one day to see the effect when it is applied to the pond. If it is added to the feed, the effect will take longer.
4. According to the changes of water quality in different stages of fish and shrimp farming, choose to use corresponding microbial live bacteria preparations.
5. Pay attention to distinguish the function characteristics and mechanisms of various products. Some oxygen consumption requires proper oxygenation. For example, Bacillus, nitrifying bacteria, yeast, and bacterium Vibrio difficile should pay attention to water quality and increase oxygen. To prevent drastic changes in water quality, causing the breeding objects to float due to hypoxia, and even lead to disease death. Some do not consume oxygen, such as lactic acid bacteria.

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6. Photosynthetic bacteria have a good effect on adjusting the color of water. It is ideal to use live water before seedlings; Bacillus can clear water; nitrifying bacteria and Thiobacillus can transform toxic substances such as NH3 and H2S. The color of the water is thicker and the water quality deteriorates in the later period The use effect is obvious, such as the combination with photosynthetic bacteria and Bacillus is more ideal; denitrifying bacteria can not only remove nitrite and clean water, but also remove moss at the bottom of the pond; the compound lactic acid bacteria also have significant adjustment of water quality Effect; Yeast is mainly used for seed cultivation and oral mixing, which has no obvious effect on water quality improvement, but excessive use will pollute water quality.
7. If all the live bacteria are used as a water quality improver when the whole pool is spilled, mix it with zeolite powder, peat and other porous materials and sprinkle it into the water, which can significantly improve the efficiency, because the live bacteria are adsorbed on these carriers, and then sink Enter the bottom of the pond, and then play a role, and the bottom of the pond is the part of the entire pond that has the largest load, the worst environment, and the most harmful substances. Improving the bottom of the pond improves the environment of most ponds.
8. In the process of using microorganisms, if the phenomenon of aging or death and deterioration of bacteria is found, they should be discarded because at this time, they may have contaminated other miscellaneous bacteria, and some may be harmful pathogenic bacteria, which will produce toxic metabolism. The product, applied to the pond or mixed in this case, not only does not achieve the expected effect, but even the opposite result will occur. Never feel waste and luck.


9. Insist on regular and uninterrupted investment of microbial viable bacteria preparations. After establishing an ecological environment where beneficial bacteria predominate in the shrimp pond, because there is no real carrier filler to allow beneficial microorganisms to grow in them, the population advantage of beneficial microorganisms is quickly lost. If there is no regular microbial live bacterial preparation, the beneficial microorganisms will be transformed from the dominant population to the weak population, the water quality in the pond will deteriorate and deteriorate, and the chance of fish and shrimp disease will increase. The population advantages of microorganisms are not only time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive, but also have poor effects. Therefore, only by regularly and uninterruptedly investing in microbial viable bacteria preparations can the population advantages of beneficial microorganisms be maintained stably for a long time, the water quality can be effectively regulated, and aquaculture success can be achieved.

10. You must ensure that enough live bacteria are put into use to achieve the desired effect. Especially when using live bacteria for the first time, the amount of use should be increased.
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