The root system of the crop determines the crop yield!
Author: yangshaoTime: May 22, 2020

The root system of the crop determines the crop yield

 Whether the crops can grow well, the root system is very important! The quality of the root system determines the quality of crop growth and development, and also determines the quality and yield. Many physiological diseases in crops are caused by root problems:
Any crop is born from roots, and from roots to death. A strong and developed root system is the basis for crop growth and high yield. However, in the process of crop growth, sometimes the root system of the crop will change color. There is a saying: white roots are strong, yellow roots are life-saving, black roots are sick, and gray roots are dead. 

White roots have power

White roots are generally the tip of new roots or old roots. These roots have strong oxygen secretion ability, which can make the surrounding soil in an oxidized state, forming an oxidation circle, and oxidizing soluble ferric iron around it into ferric iron precipitation So that it does not accumulate on the surface of the root, keeping the root white. White roots have strong physiological functions, strong vitality and absorption capacity, so white roots are strong.

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Yellow root saves life
     Yellow roots generally appear on the surface of old roots and roots. As these roots age, the outer cortical cell wall thickens, and trivalent iron deposits on the roots, becoming a yellow-brown iron film. This layer of iron film has a protective effect, which can prevent toxic substances from infiltrating the inside of the root, but the absorption capacity of this root system is greatly reduced, so the yellow root saves life.
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Black root sick

     After long-term flooding, due to lack of oxygen in the soil, there is more bivalent iron. At the same time, organic matter undergoes anaerobic decomposition, producing a series of toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide. When hydrogen sulfide and divalent iron are combined, ferrous sulfide (black) is formed and precipitated on the root surface, making the root black. This kind of root physiology declines further, so the black root is sick.

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Grey root
     If the soil lacks iron, hydrogen sulfide cannot be eliminated, which can inhibit the respiration and absorption functions of the root system, causing root poisoning and death. The symptom of hydrogen sulfide poisoning is that the root system is pulled up and observed as a gray water stain and smell of rotten eggs. So the gray root is terrible.
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