Do you know the role of microbial agents?
Author: yangshaoTime: May 29, 2020

Do you know the role of microbial agents?

1. The use of biological inoculants can change the physical and chemical properties of the soil with high salt content, high alkalinity, highly dispersed soil particles, and poor soil structure, and promote the formation of soil aggregates to make them into a good state, which is the plant root system Good conditions for growth and development.

2. The application of biological inoculants can loosen the soil of the plough layer, destroy the accumulation of salt, reduce the salinity of the topsoil, play a role in salt isolation, improve the emergence rate, reduce weak seedlings and dead seedlings, and make the plants grow healthy.

3. The secretion of biological inoculants has a higher cation conversion capacity, which is more than 10 times higher than that of general soil. After being applied into the soil, the adsorption capacity of the soil to anions is significantly improved, and the surface salt content is reduced.

4. The pH value of saline-alkali soil, especially alkaline soil, is too high (above 9.0), which directly harms the growth of crops and even causes death. In addition, the high pH value also affects the nutritional elements of phosphorus, iron, manganese, boron, and zinc in the soil. Effectiveness. The biological fungicide can neutralize the alkalinity, reduce the harm of the alkalinity to the soil and plants, improve the low-salinity land, and create good soil conditions for the growth of crop seedlings.

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