Research and Application of Biological Feed in Aquaculture
Author: yangshaoTime: June 12, 2020
Research and Application of Biological Feed in Aquaculture
With the continuous advancement of science and technology, microbial fermentation technology came into being and has received certain attention. Compared with commonly used feeds, microbial fermented feeds have good advantages and can meet the current development needs of the aquaculture industry.
The group standard T/CSWSL 001-2018 "Biofeed Product Classification" drafted and released by the National Engineering Research Center for Biological Feed Development on January 1, 2018 defines biological feed as: Use the Ministry of Agriculture's feed raw material catalog and feed additive variety catalog and other countries The feed materials and additives allowed by the relevant laws and regulations, the general term of feed products developed through bioengineering technologies such as fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, protein engineering and genetic engineering, including fermented feed, enzymatic hydrolyzed feed, fungus enzyme cooperative fermentation feed and biological feed additives, etc. .
The development of biological feed brings new opportunities for many aquaculture species. The total amount of aquatic feed has been hovering around 22 million tons for many years. The use of 10%-30% biological feed can bring significant positive benefits to aquaculture. Then, even according to the most conservative estimates, the market capacity of the entire aquatic feed will exceed 2 million tons in the future.
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