Welcome to visit Yss
Author: yangshaoTime: August 08, 2020

Warmly welcome the delegation of Jinan agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises to visit New Yangshao

On June 18th, Director Zhu Jianying of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Jinan City, Secretary-General Li Jing of the Feed Association and the delegation of entrepreneurs visited New Yangshao Biotech. Chairman Jiao Guobao and Technical Director Cao Zhongyang attended the exchange activities.

Henan Yangshao Bio-products Co., Ltd

Through this visit and exchange, the guests highly praised our company’s series of achievements in innovation and development; as one of the top ten enterprises in the national enzyme preparation industry, our company will continue to focus on the technological research and development of new feed enzyme preparations and feed compound bacteria And promotion services, contribute to the sustainable development of the animal protection industry "no resistance breeding".