How to deal with livestock manure
Author: yangshaoTime: August 14, 2020
How to deal with livestock manure
   Livestock and poultry manure is processed and then returned to the field, which is guaranteed:
   1. Natural pile fermentation method. Pile the livestock and poultry manure in the fermentation tank, cover the surface with straw, and after a long period of natural anaerobic fermentation, it is directly applied to the ground in the fertilization season.
   2. Drying method. Spread the animal manure evenly on the field and use the sun for natural drying. The method is suitable for the processing of scattered livestock and poultry manures by livestock and poultry farms, and is not suitable for intensive livestock and poultry farms to process large and concentrated livestock and poultry manures.
   3. Direct rapid drying method. Use high-temperature hot flue gas to directly dry and sterilize livestock and poultry manure, and control the product moisture content below the safe storage moisture.
   4. Tower type aerobic fermentation method. The tower-style steel frame structure is used to first transfer the moisture-adjusted fresh livestock and poultry manure to the uppermost floor of the tower. The material-bearing flap is flipped once a day to move the livestock and poultry manure from the top layer to the next layer, and so on, to realize that the livestock and poultry manure moves down from the top layer of the tower layer by layer. After about 15 days of fermentation process, the moisture It can be reduced to about 40%.
   5. Biogas anaerobic fermentation method. It uses the manure of livestock and poultry as the raw material. In the biogas fermentation device, under the condition of isolating oxygen, through the action of microorganisms, the carbon element is finally decomposed into combustible gas (biogas).