Yeszyme Feed Protease
Product Category:Enzymes

Product Features
Yeszyme feed protease has a wide specificity with other feed enzymes compatibly. It can synergize with endogenous protease in animal body, to degrade feed protein effectively.
Yeszyme feed protease has excellent stability during feed production, it is a innovative high-temperature resistance protease.

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Product Details
Product Introduction
Yeszyme Feed Protease is a self-developed enzyme, the strain of the product is cultivated, screened and acclimated by Henan Yangshao Bio-Products company, it has strong properties of acid stable, heat stable, and endogenous resistance.
Yeszyme feed protease can digest the protein which can not be properly digested by the animal endogenous protease, therefore to improve the animal digestibility of the feed protein, degrading some of the active substance which producedby protein, such as oligopeptide, and also can affect the animal neuroendocrine, to increase the metabolic hormone T3, GH,TSH,IGF-1, to improve the utilization rate of the nutrition.
Product Features
Yeszyme feed protease has a wide specificity with other feed enzymes compatibly. It can synergize with endogenous protease in animal body, to degrade feed protein effectively.
Yeszyme feed protease has excellent stability during feed production, it is a innovative high-temperature resistance protease.
It has better stability in digestive tract, with a wide pH range, in the neutral pH condition or in the intestinal environment , it can reach its optimum activity.
Yeszyme feed protease can improve the protein and amino acid digestibility of 3-8% for multi feed materials and animal feed diets.
Product Function
Increase the utilization of protein in diet
Increase digestibility
Increase leanness meat
Reduce Water Ingestion
Reduce nitrogen and waste discharge
Reduce Feed Cost
Improve animal carcass quality and production performance ; Improve culture environment
Product Specification
Main Ingredients: Yeszyme feed protease
Physical Appearance: Light brown powder
Standard Activity: 70 000 u/g
pH: 3.0-8.0, optimum is pH 6.0-7.0. (Acid stable against endo enzymes.)
Active Temperature: 30℃-70℃, optimum is 40℃-60℃. (Heat stable against feed processing.)
200g per ton feed.
The shelf life is 12 months if store in cool and dry place, away from rain and light.
Please contact us for product vitroivo experiments report.
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