Neutral Protease
Product Category:Enzymes

Product Features:
Function condition: optimum temperature: 40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃; optimal pH 6.5 ~ 7.5. It has a better effect on naked leather, the depilating temperature is: 36 ~ 40 ℃ in summer time, 40 ~ 42 ℃ in winter time. It can also depilate by piled unhairing in normal temperature.

Enzyme activity definition: The amount of protease in 1g of enzyme powder that hydrolyze casein to yield 1u/g tyrosine in 1min under the condition of 30℃,pH 7.5 is one enzyme unit, represented by u/g.


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Product Details

Neutral protease is extracted and refined from bacillus subtilis by submerged fermentation. It acts on the amido band in protein molecular, and hydrolyze the protein into polypeptide and amino acid. It is suitable for leather depilation and softening, silk degumming, toothpaste, soap, detergent, baking, dairy and feed industries.


Standard of the People's Republic of China: GB/T23527


Physical properties: brown powder preparation
Enzyme activity: 50 000 u/g;100 000 u/g; 
Water content: ≤8%
Fineness: 40 mesh (standard: through 40 mesh screen ≥80%)


1.Food additive: add neutral proteases by compound with α-amylases, acidic proteases, the compound can be used to feed poultry, livestock and fish. General dosage is 0.1 ~ 1.0%.
2.Leather depilation: Add 150 ~ 300 u/g, comparing per gram of raw materials
3.Leather softening: 8 to 15 u/g, comparing per gram of raw materials.
4.Other application: It can also be applied to vegetable protein decomposition, animal blood processing. Dosage 0.1-0.3% (dry matter).

Packaging & Storage
Packing: 20 kg/paper bag, or according to the request of the user.
Transport and storage: Avoid sunshine, rain, and moisture; stored in dry, ventilated, and cool environment.

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